Santa is busy this time of year, but he still has time to visit your holiday gathering. Whatever the event, an appearance by Ole St. Nick will make it truly special.

¨       Business Events

¨       Photo Opportunities

¨       Meet & Photos with Santa

¨       Holiday Gatherings

¨       Private Parties

¨       Fundraising Events

¨       Home & Office Visits

Santa is available for all types of activities. He can deliver gifts to your employees or members, emcee your special event, lead holiday sing-a-longs, pose for photos with people and pets, meet with children for their wish lists, read a holiday book, or other activities.

Event Fees

Early booking discount of 10% for visits reserved by October 1st. Special arrangements possible for charities and alternative events.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Holidays:  $250 per hour. Four hours or more $215 per hour.

Weekdays:  $195 per hour. Four hours or more $165 per hour.

The rate for Mrs. Claus to visit with Santa is half the Santa rate. A visit by Mrs. Claus by herself is 80% of the Santa rate.

(Time will be charged at half hour increments after the first hour. Locations requiring more than 30 minutes one way travel may require additional charges of half the regular hourly rate for travel time.)

Individual Home & Office Drop In

Santa is available to make individual house, classroom, business or office drop ins (up to 30 minutes). These could be to get children’s wish lists, deliver special gifts, read a story, help decorate, or share milk and cookies.

The fee for a single scheduled visit is $195 weekends or $150 weekdays. However if multiple nearby families or businesses combine visits on the same trip, the fee is $150 weekends or $100 weekdays per location.

(Locations more than 30 minutes one way from Manchester, NH, may require travel charges of half the regular hourly rate.)

Christmas Eve & Christmas Visits

Santa is available for quick home visits on Christmas eve day and evening (Dec. 24). Christmas Day visits are also possible.

Santa can deliver gifts, pose for photos, chat with children, or just stop in to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

The fee for a Christmas eve visit (20-30 minutes) is $250.

Contact us if you want a quote for a specific activity or have other questions.

Booking Information: To arrange a personal appearance from Santa, email us at [email protected], call 424-2SANTA1, or contact our booking agent: ImSanta.Org & Friends, 660 Cilley Road Manchester, NH 03103.

Special Midweek Visits from Santa

Storytime with Santa

Give the kiddos an extra special treat when it’s time for a bedtime story. Invite Santa Claus in to read it. Santa will bring along some books or let the child select a favorite.

Following the story, the children will have time to chat with Santa and put in their holiday gift orders. Have the camera handy to capture those special keepsake photos.

The fee for the service is $150 for about a half hour visit. Email ([email protected]) or call (603-424-2SANTA1) for more information or to make an appointment.

Cookies & Milk with Santa

Imagine a child’s excitement when Santa knocks at the door with cookies and milk to share. Santa can stop in at the end of dinner with dessert or midafternoon with a snack. Cookies and milk are great anytime of the day.

Santa and the family can enjoy the treat while Santa answers the children’s questions, takes their orders for Christmas chats about anything else. There will be plenty of time for photos with the family during and after.

This is intended for a small family gathering. The fee for the service is $165 which covers the services of Santa, the cookies and milk. Email ([email protected]) or call (603-424-2SANTA1) for more information or to make an appointment.

Crafting with Santa

Invite Santa to your home, club or business for a crafting session with Santa. There’s a variety of projects to choose from like making a personalized tree ornament, decorating a frame for the photo of you and Santa, making special Christmas cards, or creating unique gifts for the family.

We can provide the age-appropriate activities or you design your own project. Santa can bring all the supplies or you can set things up yourself.

The session will last up to an hour, but longer projects can be arranged. The fee for the event is $185 plus supply costs. Email ([email protected]) or call (603-424-2SANTA1) for more information or to make an appointment.


Photo Session with Santa in Your Home

Invite Santa to your home for a personal photo session. Don’t fight the crowds at the mall or wait in line for a single snapshot. Get your holiday photos taken in your own home surrounded by your own fabulous decorating job.

Santa will come to your home with a professional photographer elf who will shoot a number of posed and candid digital photos of Santa with your family. Santa will spend a leisurely visit to chat with the kids and hear what they want for Christmas. He will take the time needed to make everyone comfortable and get happy pictures with individuals and the whole group.
You will receive a memory card of all the photos to keep and use any way you want. No waiting for the lab to process and ship them back to you. You can email them to Aunt Gladys, burn CDs for the relatives, create a photo greeting card to send to all your friends, print 8x10s for the Grandparents or produce photo ornaments to hang on the tree. Use any service you want, any time you want. If you prefer we can handle the enlargements and products for you.

The fee for the service is $325 which covers the services of Santa and photographer, print package of select photos and digital copies of the shoot. Feel free to email ([email protected] ImSanta.Org) or call (424-2SANTA1) for more information or to make an appointment.