Here are a few comments about our services from past clients.

We had the privilege of having Santa come visit us at our house on Christmas Eve 2008. We had a full house of family and seven children from age 1 to 10. Our 10-year-olds had been on a mission to prove Santa is not real, and had even found a fake santa suit in our basement, which they photographed as proof. The kids were in for a real surprise when Santa arrived and answered all their tricky questions with wisdom and grace. It was one of the highlights of our Christmas, and much talked about throughout the year. We can’t wait for Santa’s next visit! Thank You, Santa!”
S.K., Hopkinton, NH

“It is hard to describe the time and thought that obviously goes into making each of these letters unique and perfectly suited to your child unless you have received one, but I will try.  I have 5 children (4 old enough to read) and it was such a delight for them when these letters arrived.  They passed them around and each read everyone else’s which is when it became quite clear that there is no form letter involved anywhere in this process.  The children were beyond delighted to find that Santa knew so much about them and was taking the time to write them back.  Not only were the letters individually designed for the kids, each child also got their own signed photo of Santa.  Even the photographs were different for each child!  This is an unbelievable service that adds so much to the excitement of Christmas.  Our family will now be looking forward to this new tradition of letters from Santa every Christmas.  Thank you so much for the excellent service!!”
— Hayes Family


“I just wanted to say thanks again for coming to our home on such short notice. Your visit was perfect! For me and my wife it was the best Christmas gift we had in a very long time for us and for our son, it was the biggest thrill of his entire life! As you know, the holidays can be a rather hectic time as one becomes an adult, with the pressures of the jobs and the worries of finding the perfect gift (not to mention how to pay for it all) and other holiday pressures, but your visit was the perfect way to erase all of those crazy things and gave us all a few moments to enjoy a part of what Christmas should really be. Your visit took us back to when Christmas was a bit more simple and a lot more special.”
J. B., Hooksett, NH

“Thanks for coming by on such short notice.  You definitely helped generate some business and turn lots of heads while you were out in front of the building, and you certainly made the kids very happy by listening to their wish lists!!”
K.B., Manchester, NH