Discover Santa 2016 Workshops

Here are links to the workshop presentations and supplemental materials presented at Discover Santa 2016 in Branson, MO., July 2016. Click on the workshop title to access the materials.

Finding & Keeping Clients, Dan Greenleaf (Friday, July 8, 2016  3:15 PM)

Learn to win the clients you want and hold on to the ones you have. We will look at how to package, price and promote your services to fill your schedule. The lessons will apply whether you are looking for paid gigs, volunteer opportunities, special event appearances, media work, or even mall assignments.

Looking at where potential clients look for Santa, you will discover how to position yourself to be the first (and hopefully only) one they contact. The workshop will focus on how to provide the information potential clients want. We will also discuss how to structure your sales process to close prospects.

We will also explore ways to find new clients, even when they don’t know they need a Santa. By creating services and marketing approaches for targeted groups, you can win over clients who have never used Santa before.

We will also look at customer service strategies for keeping current clients happy, coming back, and increasing their business. A satisfied customer will keep coming back year after year. They can also be the source for new work through an effective referral program.


Marketing Your Santa Services, Dan Greenleaf (Saturday, July 9, 2016  10:45 AM) 

Whether you volunteer your services, run your Santa activity as a business or even work as a mall Santa, an effective marketing plan is essential to creating the Santa presence you want. Rather than simply taking whatever work comes along, take control of your appearances and schedule.

This workshop will guide you through the steps to creating a comprehensive marketing plan specifically for you. It will help you identify your goals, clarify the services you offer, determine who to contact, evaluate the most effective tools, maximize your resources, and plan a schedule of activities.

We will also look what’s needed for Santa’s Marketing Toolkit. The session will identify the essential elements needed for in a marketing toolkit (profile, business cards, photos, brochure, web presence, etc.) you can use throughout the year to promote yourself. You will come away with useful drafts, specific guidelines and detailed plans.


Unleash the Story Book, Diana Greenleaf (Saturday, July 9, 2016 1:45 PM)

Reading “The Night Before Christmas” is a typical request for the Santa visit. But often it’s not the best choice for the audience, the setting or the Santa. There are scores of alternative Christmas-related books available for Santa, and many different ways to present them.

This workshop will explore many books appropriate for different age groups, settings and themes. Topics will include what makes a good read aloud book, how to select age appropriate stories and how to fit them with the theme and tone of the event. Story presentation philosophies will be discussed with pros and cons for each style. Tips for ensuring the presentation will be successful will be highlighted.

The session will also provide alternative ways to present books, strategies for involving the audience, creative dramatics, and other ideas will be explored.


Workshop Presenters from ImSanta.Org

Diana Greenleaf (Mrs. Claus) has more than 30 years experience as a school librarian for elementary and middle school children. She was named Librarian of the Year by the New Hampshire School Library Educational Media Association. She has developed numerous creative and engaging ways to present storybooks to children. As Mrs. Claus she has a broad knowledge of Christmas themed books and entertaining ways to present them in a variety of settings.

Santa Dan Greenleaf books over two hundred Santa visits a year. With 40-plus years experience in public relations, marketing, advertising, business management and training, he brings practical approaches and workable solutions to promoting your Santa persona. He has taught and served on panels for workshops at 2012 FORBS Reunion, 2014 IBRBS ISC, 2016 Nationwide Santas Conference, North East Santas, Connecticut Society of Santas, and New England Santa Society. He is a Founding Father and current President of New England Santa Society. He is also a member of IBRBS, Nationwide Santas and Connecticut Society of Santas.