DS2016 Finding & Keeping Clients

Finding & Keeping Clients – PowerPoint Presentation

Santa Reflection – This worksheet may help you identify the best clients and services on which to focus your attention.

Target Audience Worksheet – Make a copy of this for each Target Prospect Group.

Profile Tool & Template – This will guide your through identifying key elements to promote and creating a profile.

Intake Form – Typical form to use for gathering information on all prospects

Sample Contract – A couple folks asked to see an example of my contract. So here it is.

Santa’s Little Helper – Gathering information on children you’ll be meeting is a fabulous way to wow the kiddos and the clients. It shows you will go the extra mile to make the visit extra special. Use it to create an Elf Report for the child so you can have a written reference and don’t need to remember it all.

Remember to give your business clients some publicity by posting on Social Media or sharing on your website. Offer them copies if they want to use them for advertising.


The following are examples of emails or letters sent to specific target groups with proposals for specific packages. If you compare the Craft Event Letter and the Store Appearance Letter, you’ll see you can tailor the same basic letter to numerous target groups.

Craft Event Letter

Store Event Letter

Nursing Home Email

For more information & examples of promotional materials, check out the resources page for the Marketing Your Santa Services workshop.